Haines Junction, Yukon City Profile

Haines Junction is that mirage in the desert that you think you will never see but up and over that hill over there…boom a gas station, hotels, food, everything a human could need.  It also serves as a junction for the Alaska Highway and Haines, Alaska highway route.  I am hoping that eventually they will build a road that ends in Juneau.  I am pretty sure that would be the most epic drive in the entire world.  Haines Junction is located in the Shakwak Valley in the deep southwestern Yukon.  It’s at the foot at some of the most gorgeous mountains in North America.  Just take a look at Haines Junction in terrain view because you will just see how awesome this place is. City slickers beware, this is more of an adventurous, outdoors kind of place as you will find almost all outdoor activities available here.  If you are looking for something that is somewhat all inclusive, I would recommend the Dalton Trail Lodge as they have food and lodging available as a package for $230.00 (Canadian Dollars) per night which is pretty awesome.  Every room has its own bathroom (which you may not consider a luxury but out in the Yukon it really is) and the rooms are all located in 4 cabins or main building.  They have 2 double rooms and 8 single rooms available in their main building with the rest of the rooms (10 more double rooms) located in the 4 cabins.  Haines Junction really does have a spectacular view in all directions.  If you miss out on Haines Junction on your way up to Alaska, be sure and spend some time on your way back!

Population: 593
Elevation: 2,150ft (656m)
Website: www.hainesjunctionyukon.com
News: www.yukon-news.com


Things to do

  • Dezadeash River Trail
  • Flight-Seeing Trips of St. Elias ice age landscape
  • Alpine Wildflower Hike
  • Snowmobile excursions

Place to Stay

  • Raven Hotel
  • Cozy Corner Motel & Restaurant
  • Alcan Motor Inn
  • Kluane Bed & Breakfast
  • Stardust Motel
  • Dalton Trail Lodge

Food to Eat

  • The Raven Gourmet Dining
  • Village Bakery & Deli
  • Alcan Motor Inn
  • Backerei Café
  • Cozy Corner Motel & Restaurant
  • Kluane Park Inn
  • Mountain View Motor Inn


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