Located in central Alberta, this area was originally settled by the Cree First Nation until the late 1800’s when the Hudson’s Bay Company set up a trading post in order to trade goods with the natives.  John Goodwin was the first resident to settle the town in 1905.  The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway came through a few years later and the name was established as Whitecourt in 1910 by Walter White who was the postmaster.  The weather here will get extreme much like other towns and cities in the area.  It gets pretty hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter.  The Whitecourt Airport services a couple of places in Canada.  It flies to both Calgary and Peace River via the company Northern Air.  The CANAMEX Corridor goes straight through Whitecourt which was set up to allow oil to freely pass through from Canada all the way to Mexico.  

The population of Whitecourt is growing around 1.25%-1.5% each year.  This is most likely due to the number of growing things there are to do in and around the surrounding area.  It’s considered one of the snowmobile capitals of the world with the town of Whitecourt having the motto, “Let’s Go….” Which happens to be one of my favorite sayings. Check out some of the other things that are in the area below:

Population: 10,204
Website: www.whitecourt.ca
Local Papers: Weekly – Whitecourt Star | Monthly – Community Advisor
Radio Stations: The Rig (FM 96.7) | XM 105 (FM 105.3)
TV Stations: Channel 12


  • Whitecourt Crater
  • World Jet Boat Races
  • Golden Triangle Trail
  • Golf & Country Club
  • Eagle River Casino
  • Berry Nice Splash Park
  • Carson Pegasus Provincial Park
  • Whitecourt River Slides
  • West Mountain Hill
  • Fort Assiniboine

Places to Stay

  • Alaska Highway Motel
  • Glenview Motel
  • Green Gables Inn
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites
  • Howard Johnson Hotel
  • Lakeview Inn & Suites