Yorkton, Saskatchewan City Profile

Back in the late 1880′s (around 1882 to be exact) a group of York County, Ontario settlers came to the edge of a massive glacial lake.  The town was originally located  where the Airport is currently at.  There is really no forest here as it is almost 100% agriculture in this area.  One of the coolest events held by this town has got to be the Yorkton Film Festival which has been going on since the late 1940′s.  The geography of the area is pretty flat compared to most of the other cities we profile.

There are at least four campgrounds to choose from if you are looking to do some camping: Cherrydale Golf & Campground, City of Yorkton Campground, Good Spirit Provincial Park, and York Lake Regional Park.  If you are looking for a church or specific religious area to pray, have no fear because there are over 25 churches in this small city.  Everyone always forgets that gambling is legal in most of Canada so there are Casinos in most major cities.  There also happens to be some in Yorkton!

As far as Summer weather is concerned you really cannot do much better than Yorkton.  The average temperatures in the Summer rarely reach much higher than the 70′s.  However, Winter is a different story with an average temperature of 0 degrees which I know is not a fun beat to mess with.  One of the best parts about Yorkton is the fact that its built as basically a hub for most of Canada.  With the three major highways that go through Yorkton, you can pretty much get anywhere in Canada pretty easily and faster than other places in Saskatchewan.

Population: 15,038
Elevation: 1,634ft (498m)
Website: Link
News: The Yorkton News Review | Yorkton This Week
Radio: AM 940 – Harvard Broadcasting, FM 91.7 – CBC Radio 2, FM 94.1 – Harvard Broadcasting, FM 100.5 – Dennis Dyck

Things to Do

  • Film Festival – Every year in May
  • Godfrey Dean Art Gallery
  • Sunflower Arts and Crafts Show and Sale
  • Yorkton Arts Council
  • Cherrydale Golf and Campground
  • Deer Park Golf Course
  • Painted Hand Casino
  • York Lake Golf & Country Club
  • Yorkton Bowl Arena
  • Summer Fair

Places to Stay

  • Best Western
  • Comfort Inn & Suites
  • The Ramada
  • Redwood Motel
  • Yorke Inn
  • A Second Home B&B
  • Lazy Maples Bed and Breakfast
  • Lorraine’s Bed and Breakfast
  • Patrick Place

Food to Eat

  • Wanders Sweet Discoveries
  • Manos Family Restaurant
  • Wing’s Restaurant
  • Family Pizza
  • Tim Horton Donuts
  • Legends Restaurant
  • Melrose Place
  • Mr. Sub
  • The York House Dining and Lounge
  • Tapps Brewing Company
  • Chalet Restaurant & Lounge
  • Boston Pizza