Virden, Manitoba City Profile

Virden is a vibrant community with a great sense of pride for their hometown.  They have some of the most amazing facilities for the public there.  They just built this crazy Hockey arena with an NHL sized rink in it.  Its a growing community with many attractions, recreation and sporting opportunities.  Its a very strong business community with a little bit of art also.  Many of the churches and services groups spend a lot of time and effort to keep the city looking as pristine as possible all of the time.  One of my favorite places to go if you are going during a decent time of year is Victoria Park because it has some of the most amazing landscaping.  It even has an outdoor band shell available for many types of entertainment.  The town itself is located off the Trans-Canadian Highway at Highway 83.  Virden is also pretty much the exact half way point between Winnipeg, Manitoba and Regina Saskatchewan.

Population: 3020
Elevation: 1461 feet (445m)


  • Virden Wellview Golf Course – $16.50 per full round
  • Virden Regional Multi-Purpose Recreational Facility – Hockey Arena
  • Curling Arena
  • Victoria Park – Tennis Courts
  • Several Snow Mobile Trails
  • Four Seasons Golf Course
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Station
  • The Aud Theater
  • St. Mary’s Anglican Church
  • Fort Montagne a La Bosse
  • Costume Closet

Places to Stay

  • Jays Inn and Suites
  • Comfort Inn & Suites
  • Four Season’s Island Resort
  • Virden Motel
  • Grand Central Hotel
  • Countryside Inn
  • Assiniboine Valley Bed & Breakfast
  • Huggybears’ Bed & Breakfast

Places to Eat

  • Elegant Moose
  • Virden Country Cafe
  • K C’s Esso Restaurant
  • Chicken Chef

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