Valleyview, Alberta City Profile

Valleyview is located at the cross roads of two major highways in Alberta.  Alberta highway 43 which runs Northwest/Southeast from basically Edmonton to the border of British Columbia West of Demmitt and Alberta highway 49 which runs from the town to essentially Dawson Creek, British Columbia.  In the late 1800’s this area was used for trade with the natives which almost certainly involved the exchange of goods for fur.  The highways that run through here go into the Peace Region (named after the river) and the motto of Valleyview is “Portal to the Peace.”  One of the main things to do in this area is the ice rink which hosts the Valleyview Jets which place in the Peace Region League.  Next door is the local pool which also has a decent water park.  Check out the list of amenities that you can find when traveling here below:

Population: 1,863
Elevation: 2,277ft (690m)
Map of Town: Link

Things to Do

  • Snipe Lake

Places to Stay

  • Paradise Inn And Suites
  • Raven Motors Inns
  • Hi Valley Motor Inn

Places to Eat

  • Sammy’s Drive-In Restaurant
  • Gold Fountain Restaurant
  • Western Valley Bar & Grill
  • A&W
  • Valleyview Pizza & Steak House
  • Subway
  • Rosie’s on Main


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