Teslin, Yukon

If you ever wanted to drive to the middle of no where (and if you drive up to Alaska you will have plenty of that), finding yourself in Teslin is a very good start.  What I consider these days to be the middle of nowhere consists of distance from a town of 30,000 or more.  A town of 30,000 people or more tends to have much better medical facilities in the Americas than that of towns smaller than that.  The nearest city to Teslin is over 14 hours away (Fairbanks, Alaska).  Teslin is located in the middle of some of the most rugged terrain the Yukon bears to the public which means that while this area is a ton of fun, it’s also very dangerous.  My favorite thing to do in Teslin is fishing honestly.  The town has dropped in population over the past decade.

Population: 122
Elevation: 2297ft (700m)
Website: www.teslin.ca

Things to Do

  • Northern Wildlife Museum
  • George Johnston Museum
  • Tlingit Heritage Centre
  • Timberpoint Campground Services
  • Tim’s Saddle Sack
  • 44830 Yukon Inc. – Diesel Station
  • Frank’s Repair & Mechanics

Places to Stay

  • Yukon Motel
  • Nisutlin Trading Post & Motel
  • Dawson Peaks Resort & RV Park

Food to Eat

  • Mukluk Annies