Nov 132013

Population: City – 10,670 | Urban – 12,005
Elevation: 850ft (259m)
Website: City of Winkler
News: The Winkler Times
Map: Link

Welcome to the economic hub of Southern Manitoba.  You may be wondering why this town of only 10,000 is the economic hub, but really what it means is that it’s the largest town for over 80 miles.  Their shopping centers serve nearly 20,000 people and employs over 4,200 people in Winkler alone.  The Bentley of Canadian RV manufacturer is headquartered here and employs more people than any other company in the area.   The area was originally settled by Russian Mennonites (a deeply religious community) with the first church being founded shortly after in 1888.  Valentine Winkler was the owner of a lumber business in the nearby town of Morden.  The town was ultimately named after him because he was able to bring a spur route off the Canadian Pacific Railway.  It has enjoyed a steady growth in population ever since (minus one decade during the World Wars.  It really reminds me of a large Sedona, Arizona or Fredericksburg, Texas with its shopping and small town feel.  If you have ever wanted to learn about Mennonite’s or Mennonite cooking this will be your place to go!  As you will see with some of the entertainment, restaurants, and hotels listed, they have quite a few options for you to choose from:

Things to Do and Places to See

  • Meadows Mini-Golf and Amusements
  • Valley Bowling
  • Geocaching
  • Winkler Aquatic Centre
  • Lake Minnewasta
  • Flatlands Theatre Company
  • PW Enns Centennial Concert Hall
  • Southland Empire Cinema
  • Winkler Flyers Hockey
  • Bethel Heritage Park
  • Pembina Thresherman’s Museum
  • Winkler Golf Club

Places to Stay

  • Days Inn – Highway 14
  • Quality Inn – Main Street
  • Triangle Oasis Motel
  • Winkler Campground

Food to Eat

  • Ralph’s German Restaurant & Cafe
  • Iceburg Drive-In
  • Twister’s Burgers Fries & Malts
  • J&H Toppers
  • Mulligans Restaurant and Lounge
  • Del Rios
  • Warky’s
  • Triangle Oasis Restaurants
  • Szutu’s Restaurant
  • Coffee Culture
  • Heartland Inn
  • Jonny’s Java
  • New World Chinese Restaurants

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Oct 312013

Population: 1,208,268
Area: 250,950 square miles
Elevation Range: Lowest – (450ft/150m) | Highest – (2727ft/831m)
Website: Link

Here we have our interactive map of Manitoba. If you hover over certain cities, towns, and villages, it will link to information about that place. You will also find various activities, restaurants, and hotels to go to in that town.  As we add more cities, they will be linked on this map.  That way you are not having to go back and forth via google maps.

Portage la Prairie, Manitoba Brandon, Manitoba Virden, Manitoba Steinbach, Manitoba Minnedosa, Manitoba
Oct 262012

Population: 13,524
Elevation: 850ft (259m)
Website: Link
News: Carillon News
Radio: AM 1250 (Easy Listening) | Mix 96.7 FM (Classic Hits)

Steinbach, Manitoba is just down the road from Winnipeg (Manitoba’s largest city).  Steinbach is located on the Eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies.  Even though its a small city, Steinbach has a heavy German population many of which are Mennonite.  Probably the coolest thing about this city is that its considered the immigration hotbed of Canada.  This little town (in United States terms) has surged to the third largest city in Manitoba because of immigration.  If you can imagine a beautiful and eclectic place to shop (probably one of the most eclectic places in Canada), Steinbach offers some of the best shopping in the region.  It offers beautiful parks  and first rate recreational centers which include museums, an aquatic center, two arenas and more. 

Things to Do:

  • Mennonite Heritage Village – Tourist attraction most famous for its huge windmill.
  • Steinbach Aquatic Centre – Images | Video


Food to Eat:

  •  Main Bread & Butter
  • MJ’s Cafe
  • The Village Green Restaurant
  • Doener Grill Express
  • Niakwa Pizza
  • Sushi Garden
  • All D’s Restaurant & Lounge
  • Rocco’s Pizzeria
  • Lecoka Specialty Coffee
  • Sawney Bean’s

Places to Stay:

  • Sleep Suite Motel
  • Days Inn Steinbach
  • Frantz Motor Inn
  • Calder House B&B
  • Casa Makwa Bed and Breakfast


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Jun 212012
Thompson Manitoba

Thompson Manitoba

Population: 12,829
Elevation: 656ft (200m)
Time Zone: Central Time Zone
Website: Link
News: Thompson Citizen | Nickel Belt News

Thompson, Manitoba is the Northern most “city” in Manitoba.  We basically consider anything above 10,000 a city in Canada only because they are self sufficient enough to provide basic services for their citizens (sewer system, public transportation, University, etc).  It is considered the major hub for Northern Manitoba so you can be sure to find all of the amenities of a larger city here.  They even have a Taxi service that is quite decent if you ask me.  Unlike other areas of Canada, Thompson had settlers as early as 6000 BC.   The modern story for Thompson really does not begin until the mid-1950′s.  In 1967 it was finally incorporated as an actual town.  Even though it is considered the “Hub to the North” the population has been in a slight decline since the 1970′s.   In fact it was the 3rd largest city in Manitoba until 2011 when it slipped down to 5th settling in just under 13,000 people.  There are four radio stations and three television stations in Thompson.  Shaw Communication provides most if not all the local channels to its customers.  If you are looking for some good old Canadian past time you should go over to the Burntwood Curling Club where they have a 6-sheet curling rink.

Things To Do

  • Thompson Zoo
  • Millennium Trail
  • Pisew Falls
  • Spirit Way
  • Mystery Mountain Winter Park
  • Thompson Golf Club
  • Paint Lake
  • Heritage North Museum

Places To Stay

  • Days Inn Thompson
  • Burntwood Hotel
  • Suburban Extended Stay Hotel
  • Mystery Lake Motor Hotel
  • Homestyle Suites
  • Waywatay Inn
  • Lakeview Inn & Suites
  • Best WEstern Thompson Hotel & Suites
  • Thompson Inn
  • Interior Inn
  • Northern Lights Bed and Breakfast
  • Meridian Hotel
  • Northern Inn & Steakhouse

Food To Eat

  • Tom’s Pizza & Restaurant
  • River View Restaurant & Lounge
  • Northern Lights Catering
  • Northern Lights Bed & Breakfast
  • Boston Pizza
  • Northern Inn & Steak House
  • Grapes Grill & Bar
  • Santa Maria Pizza & Spaghetti
  • Chicken Village Ltd
  • Pat’s Paint Lake Resort
  • Baaco Pizza
  • Chicken Chef
  • Nany’s Diner
  • Garden Cafe
  • Roadside Restaurant
  • Adventurers North Dining Room


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May 162012

Population: 2,474
Elevation: 1,840ft (561m)
Website: Link
News: Minnedosa Tribune
TV: 4 Channels (Channel 2 – Global, Channel 4 – CTV, Channel 12 – Local, Channel 21 – Radio Canada)

Minnedosa (not to be confused with Minnesota) is a town Northwest of Winnipeg. It is actually directly north of Brandon, Manitoba.  It’s also located at the intersection of the Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16) and Highway 10.  You are only a 30 minute drive North of Brandon, Manitoba and 30 minutes South of Riding Mountain National Park.  If you are into sports this town has about everything one could need in this part of the world.  They have an 18 hole golf course, curling and skating rinks, baseball and soccer fields, bowling lanes, walking trails, ski trails, tennis courts, fitness centers and more.  Their golf course is actually located in one of the most beautiful valleys in Canada.  The greens are nice a soft which makes for great play.  As far as the outdoors go, there are plenty of rivers and lakes around to do some fishing, canoeing, boating, etc.  Ducks Unlimited has a huge presence in the town with their waterfowl management programs in the region.  One of my favorite things to do in the town is the Flag Walk which is the short trail between the Heritage Village and the spillway.  There are a ton of flags all in a row and makes for a great photo opportunity. 

One of the cool events that you should check out if you get a chance is the “Rockin The Fields of Minnedosa” festival which is pretty awesome.  This year they are having Finger Eleven as the main attraction.  They are a really good and popular Canadian rock band.  If you want to see pictures from their 2011 Festival just check them out here I would call it a small ACL Fest.  The people are really nice and you really don’t see many problems with the crowds.  There is plenty of parking all over so you really don’t have to worry about that either.  The festival itself was apparently created from the ashes of two previous rock festivals by a small group of very dedicated fans.  It is now non-profit which I am all for supporting and it continues to grow every year.

Things to Do

  • Ishii Japanese Garden
  • Minnedosa District Museum and Heritage Village Corp.
  • Minnedosa Golf & Country Club
  • Minnedosa Civic Center
  • Buffalo Park
  • Train Park
  • Nature Trails
  • Heritage Park
  • Lookout Tower
  • Trout Pond
  • Rockin’ the Fields of Minnedosa
  • Antons Lake
  • Minnedosa Paddling Club

Places to Stay

  • Gateway Motel and Restaurant
  • Tilson Place Bed & Breakfast
  • Laws Way Bed & Breakfast
  • Minnedosa Campground
  • Beach Road Bed & Breakfast
  • Valley Motor Lodge

Food to Eat

  • Cornerstone Grill
  • The Garden Thyme Restaurant
  • Dari Isle Drive In
  • Maushies Ltd
  • Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant
  • Minnedosa Main Street Cafe
  • Mangin Bros Diary
  • Ka Ming Restaurant
  • Terry’s Place
  • Uncle Tom’s Drive Inn Restaurant
  • Chicken Delight
  • Prairie Pantry Family Restaurant


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Feb 192012

Population: 3020
Elevation: 1461 feet (445m)

Virden is a vibrant community with a great sense of pride for their hometown.  They have some of the most amazing facilities for the public there.  They just built this crazy Hockey arena with an NHL sized rink in it.  Its a growing community with many attractions, recreation and sporting opportunities.  Its a very strong business community with a little bit of art also.  Many of the churches and services groups spend a lot of time and effort to keep the city looking as pristene as possible all of the time.  One of my favorite places to go if you are going during a decent time of year is Victoria Park because it has some of the most amazing landscaping.  It even has an outdoor band shell available for many types of entertainment.  The town itself is located off the Trans-Canadian Highway at Highway 83.  Virden is also pretty much the exact half way point between Winnipeg, Manitoba and Regina Saskatchewan.


  • Virden Wellview Golf Course – $16.50 per full round
  • Virden Regional Multi-Purpose Recreational Facility – Hockey Arena
  • Curling Arena – Virden Curling Club
  • Victoria Park – Tennis Courts
  • Several Snow Mobile Trails
  • Four Seasons Golf Course
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Station
  • The Aud Theater
  • St. Mary’s Anglican Church
  • Fort Montagne a La Bosse
  • Costume Closet

Places to Stay

  • Jays Inn and Suites
  • Comfort Inn & Suites
  • Four Season’s Island Resort
  • Virden Motel
  • Grand Central Hotel
  • Countryside Inn
  • Assiniboine Valley Bed & Breakfast
  • Huggybears’ Bed & Breakfast

Places to Eat

  • Elegant Moose
  • Virden Country Cafe
  • K C’s Esso Restaurant
  • Chicken Chef

Distances From

  • Winnipeg – 289km
  • Regina – 287km
  • Calgary – 1,042km
  • Edmonton – 1,066km
  • Fairbanks – 3,998km
  • Anchorage – 4,184km
  • Fort Worth – 2,196km


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Jan 252012

Population: City – 41,511/Metro – 48256
Elevation: 1,348ft (409m)
News: The Brandon Sun, Wheat City Journal, The Quill, Student Focus
Radio: AM 880 (Country Music), FM 91.5 (First Nations community), FM 92.7 Public Music, FM 94.7 (Hot Adult Contemporary), FM 96.1 (Active Rock), FM 97.9 (News/Info), FM 99.5 (French News), FM 101.1 (Country), FM 106.5 (Campus Radio)
TV: Channels – 9 (Global), 6 (CBC), 7 (CTV), 13 (Radio-Canada)

Brandon, Manitoba is the second largest city in Manitoba.  It was incorporated back in 1882 and started out as a major junction for the Canadian Pacific Railway.  The people of Brandon are probably the most friendly bunch of people that I have ever come into contact with.  This is really a place that will make you feel like you are at home.  If you check out the Riverbank Discovery Centre off of Conservation Drive you can hit up their visitor center inside.  They will have pretty much all the information you could need about what local events are going on over the next few days.


  • 26th Field Regiment 12th Manitoba Dragoons Museum – 1-204-725-2373
  • B.J. Hales Museum of Natural History
  • Carousels and Dolls Doll Museum
  • Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
  • Daly House Museum
  • Manitoba Agriculture Hall of Fame
  • The RCA Museum/Le Musee de I’ARC

Things to Do

  • Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Centre
  • Assiniboine Riverbank Trail System
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Centre
  • Assiniboine Riverbank Trail System
  • Brandon Hills Wildlife Management Area
  • Brandon University
  • Brandon’s Community Sportsplex
  • Eleanor Kidd Gardens
  • Experience Downtown Brandon
  • Keystone Centre
  • Manitoba Hydro Power Smart® Waterfall of Lights
  • Riverbank Discovery Centre
  • Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium
  • Westman Reptile Gardens

Places to Eat

  • 34th Street Bar & Grill
  • Aalto’s Garden Cafe
  • Albert’s Bistro Family Restaurant
  • Applebee’s Neighbourhood Grill & Bar
  • Beef & Barrel Restaurant
  • Butcher’s Kitchen Restaurant
  • Chalet Restaurant
  • City Centre Restaurant
  • Chicken Delight
  • Chilly Chutney
  • Chicken Corner Family Restaurant
  • Chicken Charlie’s Family Restaurant
  • Clancy’s Eatery & Drinkery
  • Cranberry’s Family Restaurant
  • Deer Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range
  • Hunky House Restaurant
  • Humpty’s Family Restaurant
  • India Gardens
  • Gulliver’s Grill
  • Green Acre’s Family Restaurant
  • 3 x A&W Restaurant
  • Arby’s
  • Burger King
  • 2 x KFC
  • Taco Bell
  • Taco Time
  • 4 x Submay
  • 2 x Quiznos
  • 2 x Perfect Pita
  • New York Fries
  • 4 x McDonald’s
  • Wendy’s

Places to Stay

  • Barney’s Motel
  • Canad Inns Brandon
  • Hillcrest Motel
  • Comfort Inn
  • Colonial Inn
  • Casa Blanca Motor Lodge
  • Redwood Inn
  • Days Inn
  • Knights Inn
  • Keystone Motor Inn
  • Lakeview Inn & Suites
  • North Hill Inn
  • Motel 6
  • Midway Motel
  • Royal Oak Inn & Suites
  • Super 8 Motel
  • The Little Chalet
  • Trails West Inn
  • Victoria Inn
  • Western Motel



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Jan 212012

Winnipeg is a city that can seriously tell a different story on almost every street in the entire area.   The reason I recommend that you start your trip here (assuming you are coming from the Eastern Seaboard, Midwest, or South) is because there are so many things to do in the area.  Its a pretty amazing place and really not what you would expect Canada to be.  Winnipeg is unique because its the only city of its size (500,000+) for about 700 miles in any direction.  That’s like driving across the State of Texas.   Another interesting fact is that its also the coldest city in the World (600,000+ people cities).  What I mean when I say that its a unique city is basically this:  You are driving from any direction towards Winnipeg and you don’t see anything for hours…and I mean HOURS and all of the sudden, you start seeing buildings on the horizon.  Winnipeg has 25 buildings over 230 feet high.  Its pretty insane when you see it in person.  If you can make Winnipeg apart of your trip up to Alaska, I think you will be greatly rewarded!  Here is how:

  • Population:  City (633,451), Urban (641,483), Metro (694,688) – 6th largest city in population in Canada.
  • Elevation:  781 feet (238m)
  • Website:

Things to do in the City:

The Manitoba Museum – Largest museum in the city.  It depicts the history of the city and the Manitoba Province.  Their showcase piece is a full-sized replica of the ship Nonsuch.  They have a museum, planetarium, and science gallery.
Winnipeg Art Gallery – Canada’s oldest public art gallery (since 1912) also has the world’s largest public collection of Inuit art.
The Western Canada Aviation Museum – Located in a hanger of the James Richardson International Airport.  Features military jets, commercial aircraft, Canada’s first helicopter, the ‘flying saucer’ Avrocar, flight simulators, and a Black Brant Rocket built by Bristol Aerospace.
The Winnipeg Railway Museum
Canada’s Museum for Human Rights
Ukranian Cultural and Educational Centre


Hotels in the City:

Other Attractions:

  • Forks Market/Outside Forks Market
  • Busker Stops
  • Leo Mol Sculpture Garden
  • Steam Train
  • Manitoba Legislative Building
  • Forks National Historic Site
  • Basilique-Cathedrale de Saint Boniface
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Fort Whyte Alive
  • Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
  • Adrenaline Adventures
  • Prairie Dog Central Railway


  • Assinboine Park
  • Kildonan Park
  • Grand Beach Provincial Park
  • CanWest Global Park
  • Tinkertown Family Fun Park


Winnipeg has literally over 690 restaurants (probably a lot more than that) so its going to take forever and be pointless to list all of them.  So what I figured I would do for everyone is just name the best ones that I can think of.  If you have more ideas feel free to either comment on this article, email us via the contact page, or get ahold of us via Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

  • Casa Grande Pizzeria
  • Gasthaus Gutenberger
  • Segovia Tapas Bar and Restaurant
  • Stella’s Cafe & Bakery
  • Peasant Cookery
  • Tre Visi
  • Foon Hai Restaurant
  • Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge
  • Resto Gare
  • Fude Inspired Cuisine & Wine Bar
  • Orlando’s Seafood Grill
  • VJ’s Drive Inn
  • Yujiro
  • Boon Burger Cafe
  • In Ferno’s Bistro
  • Cafe Dario
  • Rib Room & Lounge
  • Falafel Palace
  • Diana’s Gourmet Pizzeria
  • Unburger
  • 529 Wellington
  • Baked Expectations
  • Wok and Roll
  • Baraka Pita Bakery
  • Dairi-Wip Drive-In

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