Wasilla, Alaska City Profile

Wasilla, Alaska is the sixth largest city in the State of Alaska. This town is now probably most popular because its where the Palin family is from.  Sarah Palin was a 2008 Presidential Nominee who eventually pulled herself from the race not having enough votes to continue.  She remains a frontrunner for the Republican Party […]

Fairbanks, Alaska City Profile

Fairbanks, Alaska was founded back in the early part of the 20th century.  In 1901, E. T. Barnette settled there because his boat ran a ground and some nearby prospectors convinced him of the potential in the area.  During the first 60 years of existence, Fairbanks suffered from many floods and bridges were constantly washed […]

Delta Junction, Alaska City Profile

The town of Delta Junction is located about 100 miles south of Fairbanks, Alaska.  The Big Delta is located at the intersection of the Delta and Tanana Rivers.  Delta Junction is technically the end of the Alaska Highway.  Delta Junction, Alaska has a very small population of just under 1000.  This is very small for […]

Chicken, Alaska – Town Profile

So here is the name of a town in Alaska that no one has heard of but everyone would talk about if they knew.  Chicken, Alaska which bears a funny name, is anything but.  Chicken was originally settled back in the late 1800′s by a bunch of gold miner’s seeking the American Dream. In 1902 […]

Anchorage, Alaska City Profile

Anchorage may not be the capital of Alaska, but it is by far the largest city.  Not only is it the major port for Alaska (getting goods to pretty much everyone in Alaska) but its also has the most significant road system allowing cars to drive around all year round.  It also makes up over […]