Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Prince Albert is one of those cities considered an oasis in the middle of nowhere.  Those who live there might not consider that as they would say Saskatoon is just around the corner (hour in a half drive).  However if you travel directly north there really is a whole lot of nothing for a long […]

Lower Post, British Columbia City Profile

Lower Post, British Columbia is an aboriginal community up in Northern British Columbia.  Its located along the Alaska Highway and is a beautiful area to be in during the Summer months.  Before it was a town, it was a great fishing spot along with a crossing (early road systems) and a meeting place for people.  […]

Beaver Creek, Yukon

Beaver Creek is another one of those oasis’ in the middle of no where along the Alaska Highway.  In fact, I am just going to let you know that if you are anywhere in the Yukon, you are in the middle of nowhere.  There are a ton of visitor centers in Beaver Creek for anyone […]