How to Series #2 – How To Survey Land

Once you have bought your land, you are going to need to set up property boundaries and in some cases map out your property. You have to understand that outside of that boundary you have no say what happens. When you buy your land you will have a property deed. You will need this deed in order to figure out exactly where your boundaries are. This is honestly the first and most important step to the process as you should always have all of your paperwork in order.

The next step will be to gather as much information about your property as possible. There are a couple of places you can go to find the information you need. These places include City Hall and the County Courthouse. One of those places 9 times out of 10 will have the information you are looking for. Each City/County keeps records of every inch of the area it covers. You might also check the Tax Appraisal District Office. A lot of times they will actually have a database of information online.

Information that you are looking for:

  • Description of Your Property
  • Surveyor’s Notes
  • Road Descriptions

This is one of those obvious steps that need to be taken.  There really is not much to say about this step other than here are some things you might not think to grab that you will probably at some point need:

  • Property Deed
  • Public Records
  • GPS Unit
  • Compass
  • Plum Bob
  • Red Ribbon/Tape
  • Spikes/Nails (8 inches +)
  • Another Person

This can either be really easy or the exact opposite.  If you have a simple shaped property like a square or rectangle it will be a lot easier.  The more sides you have to a property, the more complicated the calculation is going to be. Here is a link to a TLC site that tells you how to determine the square footage of something.  Here are some more videos that could help you with your study of surveying. Remember that practice makes perfect and that goes for surveying too.

Introduction to Leveling

Taking a Level Reading

Two Peg Test

Short Level Run

Making a Contour Plan

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