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Regina was established back in 1882.  The crazy thing about this place (other than the casinos) is really how flat everything is.  Something that is truly amazing is how far you can see if you just step right outside.  Its located in the Regina Basin which has very little elevation change.   Its home to the Roughriders of the Canadian Football League which has gotten more popular over the years.  The CFL has seen players like Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Joe Theisman, Jeff Garcia, Ricky Williams, and others.

Regina also hosts some of the coolest museums.  Every American that I have ever known has loved going to the “Mountie” museum.  They have pretty much anything and everything you could want to know about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Their entire history along with a lot of decommissioned weapons.  It’s also a huge artistic area with several popular galleries that you can find below.

Remember that you can click on the businesses and attractions that have links and go to more information about that business and in some cases go straight to their business website (if they have one).  I have heard Regina compared to Las Vegas in terms of gambling before.  I am not sure if that is really the case anymore, but I know there is a ton of shopping, entertainment, and enough food to feed several cities.  My personal favorite casino is actually the Casino Regina.  The Casino is actually the old Union Station (main train station for the city).  The shows they put on are pretty awesome, they have plenty of space for playing poker, slots, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada – Population: 202,000+
Elevation – 1,893ft (577m)
Newspapers – Regina Leader | Regina Sun | Prairie Dog | L’eau
TV Stations (PSIP | DTV Channel | Cable Channel) 

  • CTV – 2.1 | 8 | 6
  • CBC – 9.1 | 9 | 4
  • Global – 11.1 | 11 | 5
  • Ici Radio-Canada – 13.1 | 13 | 3


  • Legislative Building – Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
  • Royal Saskatchewan Museum – Saskatchewan history and exhibits
  • Wascana Centre Park
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre
  • Saskatchewan Science Center
  • Government House Museum and Heritage Property
  • Globe Theatre
  • Floral Conservatory
  • Sundance Balloons
  • Cornwall Centre
  • En Vogue Day Spa
  • Paradise Entertainment Centre
  • MacKenzie Art Gallery
  • Plains Museum
  • Casino

Where to Stay

  • Delta Regina
  • Hotel Saskatchewan
  • Ramada Hotel & Convention Centre
  • Regina Inn
  • HI Regina – Hostel
  • Travelodge Hotel

Where to Eat


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