North Pole, Alaska City Profile

Let me get to the most important answer to the most common question asked about this town.  No, this is not the actual North Pole (1700 miles south of the North Pole), and no this is not the place where Santa comes from.  They have however made quite a bit of money on the fact they share the same name.  Technically North Pole involves the entire zip code of 99705.  This would include part of Eielson Air Force Base, South of the Tanana River, over west to the city limits of Fairbanks and almost as far north as Two Rivers.  Most of the money made in North Pole is made from either Tourism or Oil.

Its located directly on the Alaska Highway which makes it a hot spot in the summertime for tourists.  It is also pretty much attached to Fairbanks which means tourists can still get all the normal services of a small city and visit North Pole easily.  Here is a really cool city map of North Pole!  It can be really helpful with a tablet!  Let’s look at some of the vital stats for this area:

Population: 2,117
Elevation: 482ft (147m)

Things to Do

  • Christmas on Ice
  • Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge
  • El Dorado Gold Mine
  • Fairbanks Curling Club
  • Georgeson Botanical Garden
  • Gold Dredge No. 8
  • Robert G. White Large Animal Research Station
  • Pioneer Park
  • Riverboat Discovery
  • Sternwheeler Tanana Chief
  • University of Alaska Museum of the North
  • July’s Golden Days Parade
  • The IceAlaska Ice Art Championships and Ice Park
  • Birch Hill Recreation Area
  • The Midnight Sun Game (June 21)


  • Hotel North Pole
  • Beaver Lake Resort Motel
  • Birch Tree Bed and Breakfast
  • Santa’s Slumber Land Bed and Breakfast
  • Alma’s Bed and Breakfast


  • Thai Cuisine Restaurant
  • Pagoda Restaurant
  • Fire Wok
  • Elf’s Den
  • Mama C’s Moose Creek Kitchen
  • Coffee Cabin


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