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I think before I go over anything, we need to discuss exactly what a hamlet is.  Hamlet can really have all sorts of meanings depending on what country you are in.  In Canada a hamlet is a designated area where people live and in Yukon that means less than 400 people (as of the 2006 census).  When you think of a town that has less than 400 and on top of that in the Yukon you probably think that its a nothing middle of nowhere kind of place.  On the contrary, Mount Lorne is located just south of Whitehorse which has over 15,000 people.  Mount Lorne is really just made up of a couple of neighborhoods south of Whitehorse.

If you have ever wanted to see mushers who are practicing for the Iditarod, then this might be a great area for you to do so.  There is a ton of snow that falls in this area which makes it an ideal spot for mushers to practice for various dog sledding races.  If you are headed to Whitehorse than making a trip down to Mount Lorne is going to have to an essential part of your trip.  If you have time (more than a couple of days) this destination should be on your list of things to do for sure! Mount Lorne is a little slice of snow paradise in the Yukon.  The area is host to some of the oldest remains ever found in the area dating over 8,000 years ago which is quite amazing.

The weather here is much like the rest of Yukon.  You can probably get a more accurate reading of the weather by looking up the weather in Whitehorse.  Here is some information about the area:

Population: 379

Things to Do

  • Outdoor Ice Rink
  • Youth Hockey
  • Annie Lake Golf Course
  • Disc Golf
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Soapstone Carving
  • Thai Food
  • Wildwood Music and Arts Festival

Places to Stay

  • Mt. Lorne Bed and Breakfast


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