Moosomin, Saskatchewan City Profile

Moosomin was established back in 1882 and was originally known as Moosomin Station.  Business gradually came in and started establishing themselves by 1884 creating 4 Hotels, 2 Livery Stations, 2 Blacksmith’s, a Doctor, Lawyer and others.  As of 2011/2012 Moosomin was experiencing an amazing amount of growth due to a huge Potash mine just north of Brandon.  The PotashCorp Rocanville mine is currently undergoing a $2.8 billion expansion.  As far as electricity goes, there is a $50+ million Wind Farm that has started providing power to the town as of last year.  There is a lot going on in this town as it is a great place to take a break from reality.

The weather here is a bit extreme as most of the other cities in the flats of Canada.  The summers will reach well above 100 degrees while the winters fall well below zero degrees Fahrenheit.  When I was living in Montana I was only 300 miles south of Moosomin and the weather in Montana was crazy.  I would never want to be caught outside during the Winter in this area.  You would not survive longer than about 30 minutes without some serious clothing to protect you from the harsh conditions.  I can remember looking out down the street at the bank sign which normally had the temperature on it.  It was actually showing “—.-” because it had gotten so low the thermometer couldn’t read it any longer.  Just keep that in mind when you are coming through this area.  Here are some vital statistics you might find interesting:

Population: 2,485
Elevation: 1853ft (565m)

Places to Stay

  • Canalta Hotel – (877)-342-7422
  • Moosomin Motel
  • Country Square Inn
  • My Lords Bed & Breakfast in the Fieldstone House
  • Prairie Pride Motel
  • Twi-Lite Motel

Places to Eat

  • Boomerangz Pub & Grill
  • Crusty’s Pizza and Subs
  • Dairy Queen
  • KFC/Pizza Hut
  • Moosomin Country Squire
  • The Red Barn & Dano’s Lounge
  • Sweet Pea’s Tea House & Restaurant
  • The Uptown
  • Witch’s Brew Coffeehouse
  • Wong’s Restaurant
  • Yiu’s Family Restaurant


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