Apr 292012

Population: 28
Elevation: 1,401ft (427m)

McCarthy is barely a town in my opinion but it offers some of the greatest experiences in Alaska. At the foot of the Wrangell Mountains McCarthy offers up some of the best outdoor adventures in the state. During the Summer months, McCarthy is one of the coolest places in Alaska to visit. It almost became a ghost town in the 70′s but then a lot of young people started moving in once the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline project was going on. Since then, the population has grown a bit and there are a lot of adventure services out in McCarthy.  There was also a serial killer who lived there, Louis D. Hastings who killed half of the town in 1983 trying to disrupt the pipeline’s development.  He is currently serving over 600 years in prison so he will not be getting out any time soon.  If you are looking for a place to stay, the McCarthy Bed & Breakfast is a great place to start.  They have clean cabins, continental style breakfast. 

Things to Do

  • Alaskan Alpine Treks
  • Trek Alaska
  • Mountain Arts

Places to Stay

  • Kennicott Glacier Lodge
  • Kennicott River Lodge
  • Lancaster’s Hostel
  • Ma Johnson’s Hotel
  • McCarthy Lodge
  • Wrangell St. Elias News B&B
  • Swift Creek Cabins

Food to Eat

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  One Response to “McCarthy, Alaska Town Profile – About Alaska”

  1. Thanks for the article. Couple corrections: There are four places for food in the area: The Potato; The McCarthy Center Store; McCarthy Lodge & Bistro; The Golden Saloon. Ma Johnson’s is a fully restored original boarding house (You mistakenly have the Ma Johnson’s Hotel listed as a hostel.)
    Thank you for correcting the information!

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