Mayo, Yukon Village Profile

Mayo was originally settled by those who were seeking gold.  It turned out however, that silver was what was going to make this village thrive.  This village has all the services someone who travels here will need.  Back during the mid 1930’s the Stewart River flooded so bad that it wiped out the original village destroying the church and most of their culture.   Yukon Energy made a deal with the First Nations to supply electricity to the entire area and there are over 40 silver mines in the area.

Population: 226
Elevation: 1,653ft (504m)

Things to Do:

  • Alpine Interpretive Centre
  • Keno Mining Museum
  • Binet House Interpretive Centre
  • Mount Joy Wilderness Adventures
  • Wind River Adventures
  • Winterchild Jewellery

Places to Stay:

  • Bedrock Motel
  • Keno Cabins Bed & Breakfast
  • Golden Heart Acres Bed & Breakfast
  • North Star Motel
  • Silver Trail Inn/Halfway Lakes
  • Whispering Willows RV Park & Restaurant

Food to Eat:

  • Whispering Willows RV Park  & Restaurant
  • Chinese Restaurant
  • Snack Bar @ Corp & Ryan Cabins
  • Keno City Snack Bar
  • Mayo Bigway Foods


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