Lower Post, British Columbia City Profile

Lower Post, British Columbia is an aboriginal community up in Northern British Columbia.  Its located along the Alaska Highway and is a beautiful area to be in during the Summer months.  Before it was a town, it was a great fishing spot along with a crossing (early road systems) and a meeting place for people.  It has a diverse population due to the fact that people from all over would come meet at this place and eventually settled there.  Kaska is the rare language spoken by a few of the aboriginals.  There are no government services in Lower Post and the citizens use services from nearby Watson Lake, Yukon (about 15 miles Northwest).  I find the sharp increase in population interesting considering just 10 years ago there were 28 people and 5 years later there was 113.

Population: 113+
Elevation: 1800ft
Website: http://www.gov.bc.ca/arr/firstnation/kaska_nation/default.html

Things to Do

  • Good Fishing Spots

Places to Stay

  • Big Horn Hotel


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