Apr 062012

Population: 400
Elevation: 2,329ft (710m)

Faro, Yukon is probably not even on your radar. That’s because its in the center of the Yukon and it really hasn’t had much since the 80′s as it was home to the largest open pit lead-zinc mine in the entire world. They were also producing large amounts of silver and other natural resources.  Its tucked away in the Tintina Valley set into quite a few mountains.  It’s a place where you can find the kind of warm hospitality reserved for Kings.  If you are into outdoor sports, wildlife, or anything beautiful, this is definitely the place to visit on your trip to Alaska.  It’s located in one of the most dense animal population areas in North America.

Things to Do

  • If you are interested in visiting Faro, there are plenty of things to do there.  One of the most popular attractions lately (at least the one the townspeople are trying to push) is the Dall Sheep.  This species of sheep is really native to this area (although they are found in a couple of other places). 
  • 9-Hole Golf Course
  • Northern Lights
  • Interpretive Centre

Places to Stay

  • Faro Studio Hotel
  • The Valley Bed & Breakfast
  • Lynx Track Farm and B&B
  • Faro Vacation Rentals
  • Far-O-Way Guest House
  • The Bear’s Den B&B

Food to Eat

  • Hoang’s Restaurant
  • Sally’s Roadhouse
  • Faro Studio Hotel

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