Dease Lake, British Columbia Community Profile

Dease Lake is a small community in Northern British Columbia located along the Dease River and only a couple of hours from the Yukon border. Its actually located at the direct south end of Dease Lake (which is actually 2 miles across at its widest).   There has been a gold rush in the area in the past.  This was apart of the Cassair Gold Rush.  Numerous Ghost Towns and former sites are scattered around its shores, including Laketon and Centre City.  The town is named after Peter Dease who worked for the Hudson Bay Trading Company.  The town itself has a school, several stores, fuel and service stations, hotels, a restaurant and a pub, and a college campus.  Grayling, Char, Burbot, and Whitefish are the most popular fishing in the area.  You will find plenty to go around for sure.

This is one of the coolest small towns in Canada.  Its virtually unknown to those other than Americans/Canadians. Some interesting drives that you might consider if you are staying longer in Dease Lake would be the road to Telegraph Creek which is located on the Stikine River. The drive is gorgeous and you will not be disappointed. You should definitely take Dease Lake Avenue out to Dease Lake even if you are just passing through. There are also several mines in the area that you might be able to get to.

Population: 303
Elevation: 2624ft (800m)

Things to Do

  • Guided Fishing & Hunting
  • Wilderness Adventure Travel

Places to Stay

  • Red Goat Lodge
  • Northway Motor Inn
  • Dease River Crossing Campground

Food to Eat

  • Mama Z’s – Jade Boulder Cafe

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