Whitehorse, Yukon City Profile

Whitehorse, Yukon is the largest city in the Yukon.  It is also the Capital of Yukon.  The city was named after White Horse Rapids because the rapids looked similar to a white horses mane.  Winter is not as bad in this city as it is everywhere else in the Yukon and summer days tend to […]

Watson Lake, Yukon City Profile

Watson Lake is another town found on the Alaska Highway.  The population of the town as of 2004 was 1,547 which makes it one of the top cities in the Yukon.  Its located off the Liard River at one of the major junctions in the Alaska Highway.  Robert Campbell Highway and the Alaska Highway meet […]

Pelly Crossing, Yukon Community Profile

The Klondike Highway cross the Pelly River right at Pelly Crossing. For Yukon, this might as well be a city because of the lack of population in the area. This is a pretty common stop for those traveling along the Yukon River. Many of those who do travel the river often stop in at Fort […]

Mayo, Yukon Village Profile

Mayo was originally settled by those who were seeking gold.  It turned out however, that silver was what was going to make this village thrive.  This village has all the services someone who travels here will need.  Back during the mid 1930’s the Stewart River flooded so bad that it wiped out the original village […]

Haines Junction, Yukon City Profile

Haines Junction is that mirage in the desert that you think you will never see but up and over that hill over there…boom a gas station, hotels, food, everything a human could need.  It also serves as a junction for the Alaska Highway and Haines, Alaska highway route.  I am hoping that eventually they will […]

Eagle Plains Hotel

Eagle Plains Hotel is obviously a hotel but what you might not know is that its located in the middle of nowhere (literally).  Its located halfway down the Dempster Highway in between Dawson City, Yukon and Inuvik, Northwest Territories.  You could say that its located in Eagle Plains, Yukon but really their population is eight […]

Carmacks, Yukon City Profile

Carmacks is a very interesting city in that it houses one of only four bridges that crosses the nearly 2,000 mile (3,190 kilometer) long Yukon River.  The Yukon River is home to one of the longest salmon runs in the entire world.  Villages like Carmacks rely on the return of the salmon every year for […]

Dawson City, Yukon – City Profile

The town was founded back in 1897 by a man named Joseph Ladue and was named after the man who mapped the entire area 10 years earlier (George M. Dawson). It was the Capital of Yukon for over 50 years before the seat was moved to Whitehorse. The Klondike Gold Rush is really what got […]