Brandon, Manitoba City Profile

Brandon, Manitoba is the second largest city in Manitoba.  It was incorporated back in 1882 and started out as a major junction for the Canadian Pacific Railway.  The people of Brandon are probably the most friendly bunch of people that I have ever come into contact with.  This is really a place that will make […]

Anchorage, Alaska City Profile

Anchorage may not be the capital of Alaska, but it is by far the largest city.  Not only is it the major port for Alaska (getting goods to pretty much everyone in Alaska) but its also has the most significant road system allowing cars to drive around all year round.  It also makes up over […]

Airdrie, Alberta City Profile

You might look at the picture we have submitted for Airdrie and think to yourself, “Why haven’t I seen or heard of this place before?”  Well, chances are you have heard of Calgary and Airdrie is the suburbs for Calgary.  You might think of it as a separate town considering its 20 miles from downtown […]

Destruction Bay, Yukon City Profile

Destruction Bay, Yukon is a really small community that lies on the Kluane National Park and Reserve and the Tachal Region in Yukon.  Destruction Bay and Burwash Landing are both located on the Alaska Highway.  Destruction Bay is named after a severe windstorm back in the 1940′s and was founded as a construction camp for […]