Broadview, Saskatchewan City Profile

Broadview was settled in 1885 and was set up as a divisional post for the North-West Mounted Police.  When you drive through here you will notice that its not unlike most of the towns in Saskatchewan in that its located on “rolling” plains which is actually pretty flat.  Its a small town as you can tell by the population size but there are still a couple of things that you can do in this town.  They have a horse riding camp and if you contact them ahead of time, I am sure they will set you up with a good ride.  They also have a museum and two restaurants that are pretty decent.  You will get real small town service at these restaurants which I know a lot of people are looking for on vacation.  This whole area has extreme temperatures throughout the year.  The wind chill in the winter has been known to get down below -70 degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures getting into the 90’s during the summer months getting over 100 degrees every once in a while.  Mix that with the humidity that you can get and it’s more than likely not a fun place to live permanently.  The area also gets more than 50 inches of snow per year on a regular basis.  It’s definitely a lifestyle choice.

Population: 611


  • Broadview Museum
  • Hang Gliding Qu’Appelle Valley
  • Pow Wow’s
  • Qu’Appelle Valley
  • Last Oak Golf & Country Club

Places to Stay

  • Sweet Dreams Motel – Open 24 Hours Year Round
  • Broadview Motel

Place to Eat

  • Pan’s Garden Restaurant
  • Kaycie’s Roadhouse Restaurant
  • Broadview Bakery
  • Saskatchewan Liquor Board Store

Gas Stations/Convenient Stores


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