Beaver Creek, Yukon

Beaver Creek is another one of those oasis’ in the middle of no where along the Alaska Highway.  In fact, I am just going to let you know that if you are anywhere in the Yukon, you are in the middle of nowhere.  There are a ton of visitor centers in Beaver Creek for anyone traveling through the Yukon.  It can be really helpful no matter which way you are traveling.  Beaver Creek is home to the White River First Nations (Tribal Group) who have been prominent members of the larger First Nations group that is negotiating land deals with the Canadian Government.  Beaver Creek is also considered the most westerly established community in the entire Yukon Territory.  They have a health station in Beaver Creek that provides public health, treatment and 24 hour emergency services.  It is located just off the Alaska Highway in the middle of town.  The location of Beaver Creek makes the small area almost an essential pit stop for anyone traveling the Alaska Highway.   The nearest gas stations are 30 min to the North in the United States (Alaska) or two in a half hours to the South (Burwash Landing).  If you are traveling North along the Alaska Highway and looking for a hotel, this will be your last hotel stop in the Yukon to find a hotel.  The nearest hotel heading North is the Border City Lodge.   This is located on the Alaska side of the border.  Heading South is a different story.  If you hit Beaver Creek when its about to get dark then I suggest you pull in and enjoy a decent nights rest because the nearest hotel is going to be the Burwash Landing Resort which is probably around three hours away at night.

Population: 88
Elevation: 2,172 ft (662m)
Time Zone: Pacific (UTC -8) | PDT (UTC -7)
Area Code: 867
Canadian Postal Code: Y0B 1A0
Website: N/A
News: Fairbanks News/Whitehorse News

Things to Do

  • Hotels for Resting
  • RV park for recharging
  • Buckshot Betty’s

Places to Stay

  • Westmark Inn Beaver Creek
  • 1202 Motor Inn (FasGas)
  • Ida’s Motel & Cafe 1990
  • Buckshot Betty’s Restaurant & Rooms

Food to Eat

  • Ida’s Motel & Cafe 1990
  • Buckshot Betty’s Restaurant & Rooms

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