Bald Eagle Ranch Bed & Breakfast

“Make your Alaskan adventure memorable” 

This is the motto that the good people at Bald Eagle Ranch Bed & Breakfast use with their hotel.  I have to say that considering the views you get, the amenities that they offer, and the area that it’s in, they could not be more right.  I will preface this by letting you know that I have never stayed her before but judging by some of the reviews and pictures I can only imagine how nice this oasis must be for someone driving to Fairbanks or looking to stay in the area.

Now, I wouldn’t consider this to be completely in the middle of nowhere but Delta Junction is 100 miles from Fairbanks and over 330 miles from Anchorage (the two “metropolitan’s” of mainland Alaska). Where I come from we call that the middle of no where. Trust me when I tell you that this is definitely an oasis in the woods.  You are close enough to Fairbanks to stay here and still have plenty of food options, entertainment, etc.  Whether you are just passing through or looking to stay long term, this is a great place to start.

Here is the pertinent information for the hotel:

Phone Number: (907)-895-5270

According to their website the rooms come with washers, dryers, a kitchen, and Satellite TV (with internet access).  They have suites with king sized beds, cabins, and trailer homes.  They also have smaller rooms as well depending on what your needs might be. There is also no minimum or maximum length of stay needed.