Everyone Has A Dream, Let Me Show You Mine

There is so much that goes into traveling to Alaska.  Sure, there have been books written about how people have just given everything up everything and moved to Alaska.   These days, that wouldn’t be all that smart.  Gas prices are insane compared to the old days. You could easily get to Alaska (driving your own vehicle) for under $500.  You are probably like whoa, $500 is a lot of money for travel…well Alaska can be as far as 5,000 miles away and unless you are driving a motorcycle or smart car, that’s going to cost you an arm and a leg.  What I have decided to do is give people a place to not only discuss their trips and what they have learned, but also to give people who want to travel there a chance to look at all of their options.  This is not a travel agency and I will not book a trip for you but I will give you all the information you need to plan a trip and maybe even settle down there permanently (you might want to once you get there and see how gorgeous it really is).

Places I Have Lived Before

Dripping Springs, Texas – This was a small town of less than 1000 when I was born.  It is much more thriving at this point as the Capitol of Texas (Austin) has expanded to nearly engulf the entire town.  I am serious because there are already major chains moving in (HEB, Thundercloud Subs, McDonald’s, Home Depot, and much more).

Austin, Texas – This is the Capitol of Texas as a lot of people know.  It is probably one of the chillest cities I have ever been to.  It will always be “home” for me but the World is a very large place and I have a deep need to explore it.  This is the largest city that I have ever lived in.  I spent two years at Concordia University studying business.  I went through some hard times and bad relationships and felt like I needed a change. I lived in Austin once again after moving to San Marcos.

One day while I was getting over Mono I pulled out a map of the United States.  I looked at it for a few minutes and suddenly realized how large and different the states really are.  I closed my eyes and stuck my finger near the top center of the page.  I opened my eyes up to sudden interest and ended up in…

Glendive, Montana – I chose this because it had a college with a decent basketball team and “the best dorm rooms in Montana” which believe it or not became a pretty wise decision.  Winters in Eastern Montana get pretty interesting to say the least.  I often saw temperatures of below -20 Fahrenheit.  I probably spent 90 days out of my year there in below zero temperatures.  The town was about 3,000 at the time.  It has since lost people and recently seen an influx due to oil and coal.  I eventually lived and worked full time at the local Best Western Hotel which was pretty awesome considering I didn’t have to drive anywhere.  I got free food so long as I cooked it myself and helped out around the kitchen (there was a restaurant on the first floor).  There was also a bar (I was underage but knew everyone) and was given a free drink once a nice after my shift was over.  I would also gamble a little with the video poker.  I participated in Texas Holdem tournaments during the week when we hosted them along with have a few friends who would host a weekly game at the local bowling alley (one of the dudes family owned it) after hours.  Although this may have been just what I needed to move on with my life, I had also fallen in love which caused me to decide to move back home.

San Marcos, Texas – I lived here for 8 months before moving back to Austin.  This is a party town so you can only guess what I did with most of my time.  I was able to spend some time with Melynda but my nights were mainly saved for drinking/partying with friends.  It was not long before I figured out that lifestyle was not for me.  I moved back to Austin once I figured out business ventures would be more profitable in doing so.  I lived in Austin for 4 years before Melynda ended up getting into Graduate School at TCU in…

Fort Worth, Texas – I have been living here for about 8-9 months now.  It’s a bit boring compared to Austin unless you consider all the major sports teams in the area.  There is also great high school football and I have spent some time going to a few games.  We are currently looking at moving into the Colleyville/Euless/Grapevine area in order to be in between Plano and Fort Worth.

Euless, Texas – I will be living in Euless, Texas Summer of 2012 – Summer of 2013.  This was the original home base for SettleAlaska.

Carrollton, Texas – I lived here for 11 months.  This area was really more in the Plano/Dallas area which meant that I had all the comforts around me.  It was not bad living here.

Grand Prairie, Texas – I lived here for 8 months.  We have a house here but shortly after moving in we found out we would be moving to North Carolina.  I love this area because its out of the city but still has everything you could ever need close by.

Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina – I have lived here for almost two years now.  If I were to compare this to Texas I would say I live in the boonies whereas compared to Montana I am in the thick of things.  “Fuquay” as it’s known has over 25,000 people in it which is huge for Montana.  It’s perfectly located between both mountains and beaches.  In terms of beauty it’s really hard to compare this area to anything else. It gets hot in the summer and decently cold in the winter.